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"Bill Coughlin is a gifted communications professional whose professional yet amiable manner is ideally suited for anyone who needs a top notch communications expert. I have had several opportunities to work with Bill at MetLife and I am extremely impressed with his ability to disseminate extremely technical messaging and translate it into an easily discernible message for the masses. I highly recommend Bill for any communications or public relations assignment or position." -- Jay Johnson, President, In-Class Productions

"Bill Coughlin and I worked closely together in developing a framework for communications and internal promotions, detailing the capabilities and methodologies of several groups that made up the Global Technology and Operations group at MetLife's global headquarters in New York. Bill's ability to translate complex business concepts and multi-layered organizational structures into plain English helped our group enormously as we developed marketing brochures, web sites, intranet sites, and more. I learned a great deal about business writing from Bill, and miss his sense of humor and easy style. He's the very definition of a consummate professional, and his turnaround time combined with his natural creativity and superior command of English composition make him an asset to any team, when accuracy and impact are critical." -- Scott Bunkin, Organizational Change Management Training Specialist

"I had the pleasure of working with Bill Coughlin, and was continually impressed by his insight, innovation, and impeccable attention to detail. Many are gifted with words, but Bill has the unique ability to quickly assimilate brand strengths, corporate vision, and target touchpoints into concisely crafted messages that resonate with executives and audiences alike. Throughout my tenure working for Bill, I was always made to feel that my contributions were welcomed and appreciated, and I benefited tremendously from his ability to teach and train through practical application and provide honest feedback that both inspired me and enabled me to improve my own performance." -- Sonia Perrone, Marketing Manager, Connell Foley LLP

"I had the pleasure of working with Bill Coughlin for several months. As the communications lead for four high level events, he was in charge of coordinating all communications, including crafting promotional materials, workshop overviews and speakers' bios. He never missed a deadline and even under the most intense pressures maintained his cool, energy and sense of play." -- Christine Jary, Certified Life Coach and Wellness Blogger

“In nearly 20 years in the business, Bill Coughlin remains one of my all-time favorite clients. Not only does he understand how to develop strong marketing strategy, he is a skilled communicator with a real gift for writing and editing compelling copy. More than that, he is a real pro and a pleasure to work with.” -- Larry GarfieldPresident, The Garfield Group
“Working with Bill Coughlin was truly a pleasure. His broad knowledge in the marketing space was a tremendous asset in helping to structure and deliver the right messages to our customer base. On top of that he has exceptional writing skills that help in clearly articulating a message whether it was in collateral, press releases or case studies. A great find!!!” -- 
Glenn Vander Laan, Director of Marketing, Quality Systems and Software, Inc.
"I whole-heartedly recommend Bill Coughlin. Working with Bill at Bowne I was impressed with his professionalism and his ability to understand the business objectives in developing marketing strategies. His ability to construct and successfully implement integrated communications plans, copywriting and editing skills, ability to successfully introduce new products and services to the marketplace via marketing tools such as direct mail pieces, sell sheets, brochures, email campaigns, sales training materials, press releases, etc. was outstanding.” -- Gary Purnhagen, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bowne & Co.
“I had an opportunity to work with BIll Coughlin at Bowne Enterprise Solutions and he was the ultimate marketing professional. In an organization that had no direction and little relevant collateral, Bill was able to create documentation that not only created a presence for us in the market, but it gave the entire sales organization much needed direction. Bill's efforts led to a successful launch of a new line of business for Bowne and several significant early wins. Any organization would be lucky to have Bill as a part of their management team.” -- Tony DuckettSenior Vice President, Sales, Bowne & Co.
"Bill Coughlin has been a trusted colleague and friend for more than 20 years. Bill is an excellent marketing professional, communicator, and manager. I recommend him highly based on personal, direct experience on numerous successful projects.” -- John Schmidt, Communications Manager, AT&T Network Systems
Bill Coughlin was a marketing manager for the International Division of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich publishers for several years that I worked there. While I can't claim credit for having hired him, I never hesitated to take credit for the exceptional work he performed. Bill was responsible for the division achieving record results and profits. His management and work style are an example of grace under fire. He never turned work away or resisted taking on new responsibilities. He was an endlessly creative and resourceful manager, never missed a deadline and was a hell of a lot of fun to be around."  -- 
Chris Kerr, Marketing Director, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich  

“As a key player within the firm’s Business Investigation Services Group, I’ve seen Bill Coughlin make considerable contributions to the overall direction of the business unit by implementing well thought out marketing strategies and plans. His marketing expertise assisted the group to grow in a very tough business climate. Bill’s positive attitude and high energy would make him a welcomed addition to any organization.” -- Dean Thompson, Chief Knowledge Officer, J.H. Cohn LLP 
"Bill Coughlin and I worked together for a start up company. We had numerous challenges; launching a product in an already crowded marketplace, creating branding and collateral that was compelling and differentiating, creating a trade show booth that would draw in new clients and create industry buzz and all within a tight timeline. Bill rose brilliantly to the occasion! I highly recommend Bill if you want consistent & creative marketing initiatives that will help you rise above the fray in your respective marketplace. Bill has a wealth of resources to draw upon and knows marketing practices like the back of his hand. I would welcome working with this pro again!” -- Joyce Hervey, VP Marketing and Product Management, Omegon Inc.
Bill Coughlin is one of the most thoroughly professional and creative marketing/public relations experts I have ever had the pleasure to work with. With more than a quarter century of frontline experience, he consistently brings seasoned intelligence ... superior planning & implementation skills ... quality assurance ... and the utmost integrity to every project he undertakes, A strong leader -- and an excellent team player as well -- Bill should always be viewed as a highly valued contributor to whatever organization is fortunate enough to be affiliated with him.” -- Ken Hastie, Associate Marketing Director, AT&T, Inc.
“I was fortunate to work with Bill Coughlin when he was Director of Communications for Bowne & Co. He is, without a doubt, one of the most thoroughly professional and creative marketing/public relations people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Exceptional writing skills married to marketing excellence, a born communicator & manager, Bill brings it all to the table every time without fail. A true gentleman and one I greatly miss working with!” -- Yvan Blais, Principal, Yvan Blais Design LLC
“Having worked with Bill Coughlin over the years, I highly recommend him not only as a consummate professional, but as a great individual.” -- Lance Doss, Director of Professional Services, The Glenmont Group
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Bill Coughlin is a freelance writer and marketing consultant serving businesses and non-profit organizations in New Jersey and New York. Recent consultancy clients include MetLife, Pivotech Technologies, MarketingWerks, and Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey. 
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